Our Food

Here at The Green Man, we only follow a few rules: keep it simple, keep it real, and keep it fresh.

We batter our own fish, bread our own scampi, make our own pies, get our cheeses from Lancashire and Cumbria,
our meat from our family butchers… you get the idea. We have good, longstanding relationships with our local suppliers, a small but dedicated and loyal team to deliver our products and a rural Lancashire setting to round it all off.

Don’t expect fine dining, don’t expect fast food – we work in the middle ground where quality is more important than speed or ‘gastro’ pretentions. We judge ourselves on every plate presented, every drink poured, and every service interaction so that yourselves, our valued customers, are at the forefront of our focus.

Light & Delicious


Goat's Cheese

Soft goat’s cheese, breaded or plain, oven baked and served with chutney, warm bread and lightly dressed leaves


Today's Pate

Please ask your server for details of today’s pate, served with toasted bread & sea salted, herbed butter


Hand Dipped Prawns

Lightly seasoned king prawns, battered or breaded, served with a black garlic mayo or Korean style spicy BBQ dipping sauce


Tasty & Fresh

Salads & Sourdoughs

Lightly dressed leaves, chopped salad served with a chunk of our homemade sourdough and freshly churned butter or vegan black garlic mayo.

Chicken, Bacon, Prawn, Avocado

Steamed chicken & prawns, thick cut streaky bacon & seasoned avocado slices


Smoked salmon, king prawn, avocado

Smoked salmon, steamed king prawn & seasoned avocado slices


Vegan - avocado, mixed bean and corn

Seasoned avocado, mixed beans, lightly spiced corn – with vegan black garlic mayo


Goat's Cheese, Roasted Beetroot, Red Pesto

Lake district goat’s cheese, smoked paprika roasted beetroot & red pesto dressing


Local cheeses, apple, ham, chutney & pickle

Our take on the ploughman’s lunch – no surprises, just good quality


Mouth-Watering & Flavourful

Homemade Pies

Our pies are totally homemade, from filling to pastry to plate.

The pastry is our own recipe which has been adapted slightly from a hand-me-down recipe from our owner’s grandmother – a proper heritage recipe! It is a buttery suet shortcrust pastry traditional to Lancashire and the surrounding regions, enriched with local free-range eggs and our homemade butter.

Our pies are served with pickled red cabbage, mushy peas and a rich homemade gravy on the side – choose from creamy mash or chips to finish.

Steak & Ale

Three cuts of beef hand trimmed in-house, braised slowly with aromatic herbs and veg, finished off with a rich gravy


Pie Of The Day

Please ask your server for details of today’s homemade pie


Cheese & Onion

Soft buttery onions, a touch of mashed potato, and a mixture of Lancashire and other cheeses


Substantial & Delectable

Main Courses

Fish & Chips

Battered or breaded – served with homemade chips, preserved lemon tartare, pickled onion, mushy peas, dressed leaves



Battered or breaded – tofu coated with sushi nori seaweed, vegan tartare sauce


Sausage & Mash

Local butcher’s sausage, creamy herbed mashed potatoes, and a bone broth onion gravy



Battered or breaded – served with homemade chips, preserved lemon tartare, pickled onion, mushy peas, dressed leaves


Thick Cut Gammon

Locally sourced gammon steak served with charred pineapple salsa, duck egg, homemade chips & dressed leaves


Steak Frites

Simple… at least 8oz local sirloin steak, fries, pepper sauce, dressed leaves


Finger-Licking & Scrumptious


Served on toasted bun with our own burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, relish – fries and ‘slaw on the side


8oz of our own blend of course ground beef, bacon & cheeses



Bashed and seasoned chicken, lightly battered & breaded with bacon and cheese



Plant-based burger with vegan sauces and cheeses


Sweet & Delightful


Ice cream supplied by Wallings of Cockerham.

Fruit Pies

Made with a sweetened version of our shortcrust pastry, ask for details of today’s pie – served with ice cream, custard or clotted cream



A selection of Lancashire and other cheeses, relishes, pickles, crackers & homemade sea salted, herbed butter

£7.00 / £12.00


Please check with your server for todays recipe – clotted or ice cream


Ice Cream

2 scoops with honeycomb crunch, brownie crumbs & finished with a chocolate or berry sauce – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or limited edition when available – vegan sorbet when available



Topped with salted caramel sauce, finished with a scoop of ice cream or clotted cream


Sunday roast at The Green Man

Our Sunday menu consists of locally sourced roasted meats, homemade pies, vegan & seafood options, ( when available )
We usually operate at full capacity on a Sunday so please book ahead to avoid missing out…

All roast meals are served with roasted potatoes, mixed steamed greens, roasted vegetables and a serving of our rich homemade gravy


Roasted, thinly sliced English beef with slow cooked, seared & shredded brisket, Yorkshire pudding & bone broth gravy

Weekly butchers special

Please ask your server for details – small batch, when it’s gone, it’s gone


A chicken supreme, covered with butchers bacon and roasted, served with sausage-meat stuffing bone broth gravy


Plant based meat roast topped with vegan stuffing – served with a rich wild mushroom stock vegan gravy

Homemade Pies

Served with Sunday veg, roasties and gravy

Steak & Ale

Three cuts of beef slow cooked and finished with a rich gravy


Pie of the Day

Please ask your server for todays homemade pie

Lancashire Cheese & Onion

Soft buttery onions, Lancashire and other cheeses with a touch of potato & smoked paprika


Plant based meat roast topped with vegan stuffing – served with a rich wild mushroom stock vegan gravy



Child/Senior Citizen


Children’s Menu

Chicken Bites

Homemade fresh chicken bites, breaded or plain, salad or fries


Cheeseburger & fries

beef, chicken or vegan – plain burger on a toasted bun


Fish Fingers

Homemade breaded fish fingers, salad or fries


Add our homemade beans or mushy peas for 50p